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We will work with you to ensure you achieve the best possible outcome and receive the best possible legal experience.

We are committed to our clients big and small. From New Zealand’s largest companies to personal and family issues and everything in-between, we exist for you. Govett Quilliam is one of Taranaki’s most-trusted law firms.

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Geoff Shearer Profile Picture Geoff Shearer Partner Dial: (06) 756-8118 Read more ›
Paul Franklin Profile Picture Paul Franklin Partner Dial: (06) 768-3731 Read more ›
Paul Shearer Profile Picture Paul Shearer Partner Dial: (06) 768-3709 Read more ›
Alex Laurenson Profile Picture Alex Laurenson Partner Dial: (06) 768-3723 Read more ›
Lauren Wallace Profile Picture Lauren Wallace Partner Dial: (06) 768-3712 Read more ›
Alice Tocher Profile Picture Alice Tocher Partner Dial: (06) 768-3793 Read more ›
Troy Wano Profile Picture Troy Wano Partner Dial: (06) 768-3710 Read more ›
Sophie Braggins Profile Picture Sophie Braggins CEO Dial: (06) 768-3738 Read more ›
Kaye McKenzie Profile Picture Kaye McKenzie Consultant Dial: (06) 768-3765 Read more ›
Margaret Steiner-Joyce Profile Picture Margaret Steiner-Joyce Consultant Dial: (06) 768-3736 Read more ›
Catherine Grogan Profile Picture Catherine Grogan Associate Dial: (06) 768-3770 Read more ›
Miaana Patene Profile Picture Miaana Patene Associate Dial: (06) 768-3760 Read more ›
Rebecca Eaton Profile Picture Rebecca Eaton Associate Dial: (06) 768-3716 Read more ›
Laurie Shearer Profile Picture Laurie Shearer Senior Lawyer Dial: (06) 768-3902 Read more ›
Kirsty Miller Profile Picture Kirsty Miller Senior Lawyer Dial: (06) 768-3734 Read more ›
Sonja Hucker Profile Picture Sonja Hucker Lawyer Dial: (06) 768-3748 Read more ›
Priyaanka Khatri Profile Picture Priyaanka Khatri Lawyer Dial: (06) 768-3729 Read more ›
Nicolas Croft Profile Picture Nicolas Croft Lawyer Dial: (06) 768-3733 Read more ›
Jack Hutchinson Profile Picture Jack Hutchinson Lawyer Dial: (06) 768-3715 Read more ›
Rochelle Farmer Profile Picture Rochelle Farmer Lawyer Dial: (06) 768-3713 Read more ›
Rhiannon Stannard Profile Picture Rhiannon Stannard Lawyer Dial: (06) 768-3910 Read more ›
Karen Wood Profile Picture Karen Wood Registered Legal Executive Dial: (06) 768-3746 Read more ›
Brad Miles Profile Picture Brad Miles Registered Legal Executive Dial: (06) 768-3735 Read more ›
Sandy Ellice Profile Picture Sandy Ellice Registered Legal Executive Dial: (06) 768-3903 Read more ›
Fleur Coombe Profile Picture Fleur Coombe Registered Legal Executive Dial: (06) 768-3714 Read more ›
Karen Griffiths Profile Picture Karen Griffiths Registered Legal Executive Dial: (06) 768-3724 Read more ›
Suzanne Duke Profile Picture Suzanne Duke Registered Legal Executive Dial: (06) 768-3794 Read more ›
Narelle Moratti Profile Picture Narelle Moratti Registered Legal Executive Dial: (06) 768 3749 Read more ›
Peter Rothwell Profile Picture Peter Rothwell Finance Manager Dial: (06) 768-3726 Read more ›
Carolyn Voce Profile Picture Carolyn Voce Legal Assistant Dial: (06) 756-8118 Read more ›
Julie Peterson Profile Picture Julie Peterson Legal Assistant Dial: (06) 756-8118 Read more ›
Kirsten Dawson Profile Picture Kirsten Dawson HR Coordinator and Projects Dial: (06) 768-3742 Read more ›
Lorraine Davidson Profile Picture Lorraine Davidson Legal Assistant Dial: (06) 768-3752 Read more ›
Maree Kivell Profile Picture Maree Kivell Legal Assistant Dial: (06) 768-3721 Read more ›
Paula McKay Profile Picture Paula McKay Project Support Dial: (06) 768-3744 Read more ›
Rachel Roberts Profile Picture Rachel Roberts Legal Assistant Dial: (06) 768-3722 Read more ›
Karen Slater Profile Picture Karen Slater Legal Assistant Dial: (06) 768 3744 Read more ›
Sherianne Taingahue Profile Picture Sherianne Taingahue Legal Assistant Dial: (06) 768 3743 Read more ›
Sarah Payne Profile Picture Sarah Payne Digital and Legal Support Dial: (06) 768 3795 Read more ›
Linda Welch Profile Picture Linda Welch Client Trust Manager Dial: (06) 768-3747 Read more ›
Trina Jury Profile Picture Trina Jury Client Trust Manager Dial: (06) 768 3792 Read more ›
Abbie Southcombe Profile Picture Abbie Southcombe Marketing and Events Coordinator Dial: (06) 768-3798 Read more ›
Courtenay Miller Profile Picture Courtenay Miller Client Experience and Administration Support Dial: (06) 768-3762 Read more ›
Tracey Clement Profile Picture Tracey Clement Compliance and Information Administrator Dial: (06) 768-3909 Read more ›
Annie Prosser Profile Picture Annie Prosser Lawyer Dial: (06) 768-3728 Read more ›
Megan Blackler Profile Picture Megan Blackler Trust and Office Accounts Administrator Dial: (06) 769-5068 Read more ›