GQ Seminars 2020

Given the situation with COVID-19 we have decided to postpone the launch of our 2020 seminars, to be contacted when dates are released sign up here.


Here at GQ we believe in sharing our knowledge with others which is why throughout 2020 various members of our team will be hosting a range of legal seminars. Join us, meet our team and learn more about the topics below.

  • Each seminar is complimentary and spaces are limited.
  • Registration for each seminar will open 1 month prior to the seminar date.
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Healthy homes legislation explained by property lawyers

Healthy Homes

This seminar will be an overview of the healthy homes act, tenancy litigation and recent case law.

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TYP Home Ownership Panel

Home Ownership Panel

This seminar, in conjunction with Taranaki Young professionals, will be an overview of home ownership and what you need to think about after purchasing your first property.

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Health & Safety

Health & Safety for Business Leaders

This seminar will cover how effective health and safety fits into governance.

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Understand the disciplinary process and workplace change from our experienced employment law lawyers

Employment Law Processes

This seminar will be an overview of both disciplinary process and the restructuring process.

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Setting up a Trust

The Trusts Act 2019

This Seminar will be an overview of the new Trust Act coming into full effect on 30 January 2021.

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Ensure your biggest assets are well protected. Learn more about what you could do to protect your assets by attending this legal seminar.

Asset Protection

This seminar will focus on asset protection both pre and post separation.

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