Legal challenges come from all directions. Whether a start-up, fast-growth commercial enterprise, or multi-national corporate we work with you to determine what’s ahead for your business. Experienced in every aspect of the lifecycle of business, GQ will work diligently on your behalf.

Employment and H&S

At Govett Quilliam we understand that good people are a company's greatest asset. Our employment team has extensive expertise in assisting clients in all aspects of employment law, from hiring to firing, restructuring or carrying out disciplinary procedures.

Personal Planning

We understand that people want and deserve integrity, discretion, dignity and, above all, peace of mind. This is never more so than when ensuring your assets are protected during your lifetime as well as being confident that your assets will be administered pursuant to your wishes when you pass away.


Every life is a story, and whatever personal challenges you or your family are facing, we can help. Our clients appreciate our professional and personable approach, and our highly regarded team are equipped to handle the most significant and complex of matters.

Te Tira Hau Ture

Te Tira Hau Ture (Māori legal services team) provides specialist expertise to individuals, whānau, hapū, iwi, organisations, trusts and incorporations on various legal issues that affect Māori and the interface between iwi and the Crown and other entities. We provide a comprehensive service across a wide spectrum of our specialty practice areas.

Environment and Planning

We work as part of your team. Our extensive experience with developers, council, businesses and  community groups mean we can provide innovative strategies and commercial solutions to achieve your desired outcomes on planning matters or development projects

Dispute Resolution

Life is not always plain sailing and sometimes the best laid plans come unstuck. Our team have been involved in a wide range of disputes in every forum, which means when a dispute arises, they know how to resolve them as efficiently and effectively as possible, leaving our clients to get back to what they do best with peace of mind.

Energy and Resources

Taranaki is home to some of New Zealand’s most successful Energy Operators who drive innovation in the energy marketplace. We are their trusted advisors and our team have made it their mission to understand the complex layers of oil and gas regulations and to deliver innovative legal services fit for purpose


Property transactions can come with strings attached. Whether you’re buying a family home, entering into a commercial lease or developing a major subdivision, we understand the significance of your decisions and we’ll stand by you through the process.


It’s about more than just knowing the law. It’s about respecting the culture, tradition and land. Our rural team have developed a deep knowledge and respected experience that allows us to deliver effective advice that is sensitive to the environment. 


We are experienced in all aspects of the construction process, whether it be your family home or a large scale residential or commercial development.


GQ specialises in immigration, visa solutions and employment. We provide support for immigrants already living in New Zealand or for planned immigration. Our immigration specialist can assist with residence, work, study and visitor visa applications.