We are extremely grateful for the dedication each of our past Partners had for our firm, and for the expertise they provided to our clients over the years.

We work hard to ensure a smooth transition for our clients so that you can be assured of an ongoing relationship with Govett Quilliam. You can find the contact details for your new point of contact below, or Contact Us directly.

Geoff Shearer | Govett Quilliam

Geoff Shearer

Partner from 2004 - 2022

Geoff Shearer was the managing Partner of the GQ Inglewood Office following the merger of Deem & Shearer with GQ in 2004. Geoff specialised in rural and property law. He retired in 2023.

New contact for clients:
Catherine Grogan | (06) 768-3770 | catherine.grogan@gqlaw.nz

Alex Laurenson | Govett Quilliam Past Partner

Alex Laurenson

Partner from 2008 - 2022

Appointed as District Court Judge.

Alex Laurenson specialised in Family Law, and headed up our busy Family Team, alongside Paul Shearer.

New contact for clients:
GQ Family Team | (06) 768-3748 | richard.lyttelton@gqlaw.nz

Paul Shearer | Govett Quilliam Past Partner

Paul Shearer

Partner from 2000 - 2021

Appointed as District Court Judge.

Paul Shearer specialised in Family Law, and headed up our busy Family Team, alongside Alex Laurenson.

New contact for clients:
GQ Family Team  | (06) 768 3748 | richard.lyttelton@gqlaw.nz

Paul Anderson | Govett Quilliam Past Partners

Paul Anderson

Partner from 1997 - 2020

Paul Anderson specialised in Commercial and Company Law, Property Law, Computer and IT, Maori Law and the Treaty of Waitangi.

New contact for clients:
Alice Tocher | (06) 768 3793 | alice.tocher@gqlaw.nz

Andrew Laurenson | Govett Quilliam Past Partners

Andrew Laurenson

Partner from 1998 - 2020

Andrew Laurenson specialised in Employment, Civil and Criminal Litigation.

We no longer provide criminal litigation services.
Andrew Laurenson can be contacted at the Bank Chambers on (06) 769-9400

John Eagles | Govett Quilliam Past Partners

John Eagles

Partner from 1971 - 2017

John Eagles specialised in Local Government, Commercial Law, Company Law, Property Law, Asset Protection and Trusts.

New contact for clients:
Alice Tocher | (06) 768 3793 | alice.tocher@gqlaw.nz


Ross Fanthorpe | Govett Quilliam Past Partners

Ross Fanthorpe

Partner from 1977 - 2017

Ross Fanthorpe specialised in Property Law, Intellectual Property and IT, Franchising and Licensing and Immigration.

New contact for clients:
Paul Franklin | (06) 768 3731 | paul.franklin@gqlaw.nz

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